At Strong Tower we place the highest priority on our children. We believe that the God of heaven can make an impact on every person, regardless of their age and that even the smallest child can experience Him in the most profound ways. We believe they are our legacy, the world-changers, and the future of Christianity. Our desire is to pour all that we are into them and not hold them back so that our ceiling would become their floor. Because we value them so highly you won’t see any pictures of them on the internet, or many announcements about their events. We value their privacy and we endeavor to guard and protect our children as a vigilant shepherd would guard his flock.

Our children’s ministry, “Generations” consists of three age groups:

NewGen (Newborn-5yrs)

NexGen (K-2nd)

NowGen (3rd-6th)

Because we want our kids to be a part of the church, they start with us during worship. We know parenting can be stressful, so childcare is offered during worship if you need some alone-time with God (8 and under). After worship the kids head to their classes for a 30m lesson filled with games, crafts, videos, memory verses, and unique teaching geared directly toward them. If you are interested in joining our team and helping to make sure our kids are equipped to face the challenges of this world let us know next Sunday!


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