Our mission to Casper

To see through eyes of Love-  We are the bride of Christ. He is deeply in Love with this world. He is deeply in love with people. He calls us to love as well. To be kind to one another. To love each other into the kingdom.

If we are to inspire this City to turn to Jesus we must show them Jesus.

If we are to show them Jesus we are to love like He loves.We are to see what and how He sees when He looks at humanity and act on it.

To call out all that is good in others- Everybody not only has a gift but also IS a gift and has something wonderful and important to offer.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that. We are to keep that truth right in front of each other. There is good, strength, courage, inspiration, beauty, creativity, and wonder in you. In people. It is our joy to get to know you and remind you every chance we get, that no matter what this world spits at you, the truth of Christ inside of you, the hope of glory, is truth and He displays Himself gloriously through you.

To promote passion in a generation-  We refuse to make Christianity about anything other than following after God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit with all of your mind, all of your heart and all of your strength. We live to the fullest in the complete freedom that Christ purchased for us.

The church we see-

  • Is a Culture of Grace
  • Is Prophetic in its nature
  • Is healthy, exciting, growing, and full of life
  • Is equipping people to live successful Christian lives
  • Is relevant so that people’s lives are forever changed
  • Is attractive, confident, and committed- a place of excellence
  • Is a team Church, a family.